Our McAllister Family originated from Ireland, but the name is Scottish and the McAllister Ancestral home is in Tarbert Castle in Tarbert, which is at the top of Kintyre. The beginnings of the McAllister Family date back to about 1485 and they are related to the infamous MacDonald Clan. For more information follow this link McAllister History

The earliest record of the family can be found on certificates which are held by the family. The information that we have has been very difficult to come by.

What information there is to be found, belies the suffering that the McAllister family went through. Both Parents were deaf and dumb, which brought a great deal of ridicule.

Thomas McAllister

Thomas and Jane née Murphy were married at St Peter’s Chapel in St Peter’s Square, just off the Divis Street, this is now St Peter’s Cathedral.  We have no idea as to where this Thomas came from and all we do know is that his father’s name was James and that information was from a church copy of his marriage certificate.

Thomas Anthony McAllister

Thomas Anthony, was born in 1900, in Belfast, in the infamous area the Ardoyne North West of the City centre.  Thomas’s parents, another Thomas and Jane Murphy. Thomas Anthony, married Elizabeth O’Kelly. He died in 1937, in Dublin, Ireland. He was deaf and dumb, but that did not stop him becoming a master shoe and boot maker.

His son Anthony remembers the day his Dad was buried, he said “The snow had fallen, and the men had to hold the wheels of the cart which his fathers coffin was on, to stop it slipping down the hill on the way to the cemetary”.

Thomas Anthony, died aged just 37 years of age, which brought further hardship on the family.

Thomas Joseph McAllister

Thomas Joseph was even an accomplished musician, that he was born in 1927 in Summerhill, Dublin, which were tenement blocks. He was 10 years old, when his father died and the local priest deemed his mother, being blind and mute, wasn’t able enough to bring up three children, the eldest was also able to help with the youngest, so they would ‘help out’ by sending him to the Artane Industrial School, where he would be educated and taught a trade, he was there for six whole years.

Copies of the Four Courts notice is held by family. Whilst there, he managed to get into the Artane Boys Band and played the tenor saxaphone. By doing so he was able to escape much of the abuse that was around at that time in the school.